About Us

Our Story

We first started breeding Belted Galloway cattle to complement the grazing style of the alpacas which were also being raised on the farm.  We were participating in Prograze and over the period of the course it became evident that having cattle would assist in applying sufficient grazing pressure to the pasture and develop healthy and productive pastures.

The Belties were a great choice because they had the following characteristics:

efficient feed converters (do-ability),

indiscriminant grazers,

easy birthing (calveability),

good mothers,

great taste and marbling, and

they look good.

Nurrenyen Belted Galloways was established in 2009 with the purchase of eleven pure bred heifers from two Southern Tableland's breeders, Pyree Park and Agricolae.  Although at that time we were not interested in stud breeding we ensured the animals purchased were able to be registered as stud cattle.  One of the heifers came to us pregnant and in March 2010 we had our first bull, Nurrenyen DAC. 

Initially we were not interested in showing so the heifers were put to a commercial bull and the progeny were sold to other commercial breeders or to market.  Over time we decided that we should breed up to increase the percentage of the Belted Galloway in our cattle and, after registering the herd with Galloways Australia, we started to lease stud bulls to put across the herd.  In addition to Nurrenyen DAC we used two bulls from Harwood Rural, Jandrew Eli and Marananga Heath.

In 2016 we decided that we should work toward showing so we enganged Sam Croker of Rural Opps based in Goulburn to work with us to develop the herd to the stage where we could confidently show animals.  That time came in 2019 when we entered Nurrenyen Newton into our first cattle show. 

That first show was the Crookwell A P and H Show.  At that show Newton was awarded Champion Junior Belted Galloway Bull and Grand Champion Bull Other Recognised Breeds.  He went on to be Champion Junior Belted Galloway Bull and Grand Champion Belted Galloway Bull at the Galloway family feature cattle show at Royal Canberra, and Reserve Champion Bull, Other Recognised Breeds at the Royal Sydney Show in that year.

In 2018 we continued to develop the herd through the use of A.I. and in 2019 Newton was joined to those cows and heifers to which he isn't related.


Our pastures are a mixture of native and improved pasture. We have a continuing programme of pasture development through top dressing with super-phosphate, subterranean clover and plantain augmented with selenium.

Our aim is through fertilising and managing grazing pressure to develop highly productive native and improved pastures.

By subdividing the paddocks to areas of 3 to 7 hectares we are able to rotate between the complementary grazing styles of the cattle and the alpacas and rest the pasture for both pasture growth and parasite control.